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We are 

Co-founded by architect Shruti Joshi and architect Ajay Geevarghese.

Live in Balance. Design for Balance.

For Terraform Architects, this philosophy encapsulates our commitment to creating spaces where sustainable living harmonizes with architectural brilliance. It means crafting designs that not only stand out aesthetically but also contribute to the well-being of users and the environment, fostering a balance between functionality, beauty, and the natural world.

Who We Are

At Terraform Architects, we challenge the notion of right or wrong architecture. Our core belief is that spaces should adapt to the user, not the other way around. We craft environments that seamlessly blend planning, design, interiors, landscape, sustainability, materials, precision engineering, technology, and innovation. Inspired by Brian Reed's words, "Everything is designed but few are designed well," Shruti J. and Ajay G. aspire to transform lives and communities through thoughtful design and academic practices.

How We Work

Our approach centers on designing spaces that not only enhance lives but also make them easier, more efficient, and healthier. We prioritize both form and function, ensuring our designs are both significant and far-reaching. Collaborating closely with clients and consultants, we refine and simplify deliverables, always with an eye for detail and purpose. Following Frank Gehry's philosophy, we believe that architecture should speak of its time while aspiring for timelessness.

What we Create

Equipped with knowledge of international and Indian building codes, our team tailors design and architecture standards for each project. Leveraging the latest innovations, green design principles, and modern software like B.I.M. and computational design, we ensure the seamless integration of quality and quantity. This metamorphosis across disciplines allows users to not just see but truly experience our architecture. With an eye on the future, we build the very best for today and beyond.

Meet The Co-Founders


Ar. Shruti Joshi


Meet Shruti, our architectural dynamo with a passion for crafting iconic cityscapes. With a robust background in major redevelopment projects and skyscrapers in Mumbai, she's an AIIA associate and IGBC AP. As the Sr. Principal and financial whiz of our firm, Shruti doubles as a consultant for a prime developer in Mumbai. A jury member for esteemed architecture colleges, she's devoted to sharing her expertise with aspiring architects. Shruti's design philosophy is all about minimalism in complexity, navigating the era of "form follows profit" by ensuring every design harmonizes with function. As a green building advocate, she integrates sustainable practices seamlessly into all aspects of design and planning. Join Shruti on a journey where innovation meets functionality and sustainability.


Ar. Ajay Geevarghese


Ajay, our detail-driven architect extraordinaire who crafts brilliance from concept to execution and beyond.. Graduating with honours, he co-founded our firm with his business partner Shruti after years of practise with renowned architects in Mumbai. Ajay wears many hats – A.I.I.A., IGBC AP, Principal Associate for a BIM firm, and Visiting Professor for B.Arch & M.Arch in Mumbai. He's not just about blueprints; he's a mentor, sharing wisdom with students. Ajay's mantra? Architects can reshape the world. As a green design maven, he believes in starting fresh for true innovation. Sustainability isn't a buzzword; it's his lifestyle. Join Ajay's journey – where details matter, mentorship thrives, and every design gives back to nature and community. Explore more on our site.

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